Rubbish Removal in London With The Help of Technology: Industry Leader Clearabee

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We live in a world where millions of tons of rubbish are generated every day. From households, business premises, to institutions and industries, the amount of trash produced by a single human is estimated to be 1.5 tons of solid waste per year. Even more daunting is the task of collecting and disposing of the rubbish. But one company is unfazed in the face of all this trash. Clearabee is a growing company that deals with rubbish removal. The waste removal company was co-founded by Daniel Long in 2012 in Birmingham, UK. Clearabee offers on-demand rubbish removal to clients across the UK. The company will clear almost any kind of rubbish from any place at a fair price, with a guarantee to dispose of it according to health and safety standards. Daniel started the company operating with a single leased truck, collecting rubbish himself, but today, Clearabee is making millions from trash.


Humble Beginnings

Daniel Long and Robin Linton, the co-founders of Clearabee founded a company that many never thought would survive in a highly-competitive industry. To Daniel and his business partner, Clearabee was just another business idea that was yet to be proven. Besides this, they could not see any funding opportunities in the foreseeable future. Perhaps, their only asset was the experience that they had acquired while running an online marketing business. Despite their shortcomings, they were intent on practicing their skills in business in the real world.

Daniel hired a single truck and started collecting rubbish himself. In the early days of its operations, Clearabee targeted domestic customers. Daniel Long had seen a niche in this market segment, and he wanted to offer the clients a better option than just tipping and skipping. His company offered quick, secure and efficient domestic rubbish clearance services. You could just place a call and have the company remove any rubbish that was bothering you. Domestic customers soon embraced the idea, with orders streaming in from different clients. Domestic orders helped to prop the company and bankroll the expansion of the business across the country.


An Expanding Business

Daniel Long has witnessed the successful expansion of his business from just an idea. The rapid growth of Clearabee can be attributed to its unique business model. At the heart of the rubbish clearance company is technology that drives most of its operations. Clients are able to make a booking, receive a quotation, and pay for the services easily. This means that customers don’t have to go through a tedious process to make a make a booking. Clearabee is also open seven days a week, giving their customers the freedom to make a booking any day. Clients can also keep track of the waste till it gets to a licensed waste removal facility.

Daniel Long has helped to expand the company across the UK. Today, whether you are in London or Scotland, Clearabee offers rubbish clearance services in almost any location in the UK. The demand for his organized rubbish disposal has seen Daniel expand to a fleet of over 65 vehicles and employing over 165 workers. The client base has also risen considerably. To date, Clearabee has served over 30,000 clients across the UK.


Dispose of Rubbish Easily

Clearabee will make rubbish go away. It is what the rubbish clearance company has been doing since launching their operations. There are two main rubbish removal methods used by the company: Beebag and Man & Van Clearance. Beebag works best for clients who like containment and fixed prices. The company has different Beebag sizes that can fit varying amounts of rubbish. There is the small bag, medium bag, large bag and the X-large bag. The rubbish removal company sends the bags by post. The client then fills up the bag with any junk and leaves it at a convenient place for collection. The charges are different for each bag. There is also a 24-hour collection guarantee.

The Man & Van Clearance service is suitable for large amounts of rubbish. If you have a large amount of trash, the company will send one of their vans and a man to help with the labour. The staff will load all the rubbish that you need to discard, and drive off to dispose it on the same day. This service is best for large items like sofas, wall cabinets, lawn mowers and heavy boxes that cannot fit in Beebags. It is the most popular service offered by Clearabee, with flexibility that allows the client to pay and determine the day to have the junk cleared.

Clearabee’s services are available across the nation, including major cities like London, Manchester, Leeds, and Glasgow.


Competitive Pricing

Clearabee has made it easy for clients to see the amount that they are charged for rubbish clearance. The Beebags usually have a fixed charge, but additional charges may arise. For instance, if the bags are over-filled, a client may be surcharged. Other charges that may be included in the cost of rubbish disposal include parking charges for the company’s vehicles. Clients can also pay for the rubbish removal services in advance. One can also get discounts on selected rubbish clearance services.

Keeping the Environment Safe

Daniel Long ensures that his company disposes of waste only in licensed facilities. Clearabee has a long-standing commitment to their client. They don’t outsource the services. They do the waste disposal themselves, delivering it to waste removal facilities that have been accredited. The rubbish is also sorted to separate items that can be re-used or recycled. This helps to reduce the number of landfills, and also, to reduce Clearabee’s carbon footprint.


Looking Into the Future

The startup that is Clearabee has shown strong signs of business growth. Their expansion has helped the company target more clients. Daniel Long has a goal of growing in the UK market first, consolidating his company’s position as the best on-demand rubbish clearance company. With more customers and better client trust, Clearabee is set on a path to become a top company in its segment. The company is also in safe hands of Daniel, the CEO who has overseen its growth, thanks to his banking expertise and leadership skills.


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