Imran Haque: A Modern Doctor With Heart and a Great Bedside Manner

Near miraculous scientific advancements have been the hallmark of modern medicine over the last few decades. However, one important area of medicine that has actually declined in quality is the compassion and personal attention that old fashioned doctors showed for their patients. Dr. Imran Haque (Imran Pasha Haque, M.D.), with his medical practices in Asheboro and Ramseur North Carolina, is an exception to this and his patients are fortunate to have him. One of the most frequent comments Dr. Haque’s patients make about him in reviews is, “He really listens to me.” They also talk a lot about how much he cares about them.

While Dr. Imran Haque may not make house calls like doctors used to, he offers the same degree of personal interaction when his patients come to see him at his Horizon Internal Medicine offices in North Carolina. According to his patients, there’s compassion in both his voice and in his mannerisms. They talk about how much he respects them and never judges them. It’s obvious this doctor takes more time with each patient than most modern doctors do and he treats you like a person rather than a “number.” He spends the time needed to really gets to know his patients as human beings. Doctors who do this not only make their patients feel better, they also tend to catch things that doctors who conduct a more rush impersonal exam don’t catch.

Many doctors today use software to keep track of every second they spend with a patient. The overall goal of this software seems to be to make things more “efficient.” This is because “efficiency” means more profit and many insurance companies demand it in order to cover certain ailments. However, this efficiency can also lead to patients being ushered in and rushed out with little concern for their personal needs and feelings. Doctors who actually slow down a bit and really get to know their patients are becoming a much more rare breed, something that many Americans seem to be complaining about. Luckily, though, we stil have a few doctors like Dr. Haque who seems to deeply care about his patients and who makes sure to slow down a bit and take the necessary time carefully listen and dialog with his patients.

Dr. Imran Haque also reaches out compassionately to family members and close friends who accompany his patients to his office. He seems to intuitively understand that a patient’s overall health plan is a group effort, not just between the doctor and the patient, but also including the patient’s loved ones with whom they closely interact. For example, diabetics who must take daily medications and or insulin injections to control their blood sugar levels often need the help of their spouse or other loved ones to remind them to take their medicine and keep them on track. Loved ones can also help a person with diabetes avoid sugary foods and encourage them to exercise more. Dr. Haque seems to understand this team effort approach to medicine.

So often, people are anxious and nervous about going to the doctor. In fact, this is one of the main reasons people don’t get their check ups as often as they should. It’s also why they often let medical issues fester far too long until they are so bad off they simply HAVE to go to the doctor. However, Dr. Imran Haque’s patients report they actually look forward to going to see him. Not only is he kind hearted and generous with his time, his staff also have a reputation of being extra friendly and accommodating.

Dr. Imran Haque is an internist, having graduated from the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Program in the Roanoke-Salem area. Some of Dr. Haque’s specialties include weight management, diabetes services, 360 resurfacing, Venus body contouring, and laser hair removal. He also serves as a general doctor (primary care physician) offerring routine physical exams for many patients. This means he has long term relationships with many of his patients and their families. Thus, when they go see Dr. Haque, he is fully familiar with their medical history and any medical hurdles they have overcome.

While Dr. Haque does make referrals to specialists, one of the advantages to using an internist as your primary care physician is he or she can treat a lot of matters right in their own office without having to send you to a specialist. So, for example, Dr. Haque can give an electrocardiogram (EKG) and an internal ear exam. He can also treat someone for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Dr. Haque’s Horizon Internal Medicine office also offers their own laboratory services and ultrasound services. This makes his services far more convenient and should speed up the lab results you get back.

You’ll find that Imran Haque shows off his amiable and caring bedside manner at three hospitals in North Carolina: Firsthealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital in Troy, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital in Elkin, and Randolph Hospital in Asheboro. If there’s anywhere patients need a truly caring doctor like Dr. Haque, it’s when they are at their most vulnerable in the hospital. This is a time too that Dr. Haque’s warm relationship with family members truly shines. This may be why Dr. Haque’s long time patients show such a public display of loyalty to him.

Some of Imran Haque’s best referrals are family members and close friends of his existing patients, an old fashioned healer who uses modern techniques. This is a doctor who seems to exhibit the lost art of human to human contact. He develops a close and trusted bond with his patients and they become quite loyal to him. They also seem to praise his intelligence. If you live anywhere in the vicinity of Asheboro and Ramseur North Carolina, and you are looking for a new doctor, or you are unhappy with your current doctor for whatever reason(s), you may want to give Dr. Haque a try and experience first hand his magnanimous personality and charm. He is a rare breed in this department.