NuoDB Offers Reliability, Performance and On-Demand Scale in SQL Database

Cloud computing has emerged as one of the hottest topics in today’s technology industry. It is a key concept at the confluence of data storage, business applications and online commerce.

In short, cloud computing refers to the employment of a remote network of servers to deliver a wide range of digital services via the internet. The services may include software, databases, analytics, networking, storage or other applications. Users access the services through the internet on a variety of digital devices.

Even if you are not familiar with cloud computing terminology, it is likely you are using the technology nearly every day of your life. For instance, cloud computing drives the technology that allows Netflix to stream movies into your home. Popular Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel are typically hosted in the cloud. Many video game enthusiasts play their favorite games using cloud computing. Google Maps, the technology that allows us to find our way around town and around the world, also relies on cloud computing. Even Facebook and other widely used social networks use cloud computing.

Cloud storage is a related concept that refers to the remote storing of files. When you store videos, photos, music or written files remotely and access them via the internet, you are using cloud storage.

Today, many people rely on the cloud to store personal contacts, financial data and other information. Cloud storage also permits users to back up important files. Even if you lose your smartphone, you can still access your files from the cloud. Cloud storage is compatible with desktop computers, tablets, laptops and mobile devices.

The primary difference between cloud computing and standard computing hinges on where the data is stored. With regular computing, files are typically stored on your device’s hard drive. Space is limited and can fill up quickly. With cloud computing, you are not using space on the hard drive. This provides many more options and much more flexibility. It also saves money. You don’t have to worry about purchasing expensive hardware, software, server racks or data centers. With an internet connection, a compatible device and a few clicks, you can conveniently access all your files from the cloud. Many people use cloud computing to host websites, stream music, watch video or deliver software on demand.

With its cloud-ready infrastructure, ability to handle large sets of data, scaling capabilities and proven reliability, NuoDB is the SQL database solution that empowers today’s business-oriented applications. NuoDB offers on-demand scale that far surpasses standard databases. Unlike the competition, NuoDB performs data management in the database layer. It provides elasticity, solid reliability and unrivaled performance. The flexibility of NuoDB ensures that it is compatible with many different platforms. It can handle hybrid, multiple or flexible cloud deployment.

NuoDB has extensive roots in database innovation. It consistently delivers a more intelligent database that easily adapts to the individual software demands of a wide variety of businesses. NuoDB is the ideal solution for any company looking to provide the cloud applications that their customers increasingly demand.