Pokemon Go: Catch em all with Phone

Seriously, I am Pokemon freakz. I always buy all related to Pokemon game, such as: Pokemon Red/Blue on Game Boy, Pokemon Silver/Gold on Game Boy Advanced (GBA), Pokemon White/Black Nintendo Dual Screen (NDS), Pokemon Colosseum on Gamecube. But now, we can play it at phone. So please read ….

Previously, mobile phone operating system Android and iOS owner already can play Pokemon-themed games. Game made by the Pokemon Company, entitled Pokemon Shuffle is touted as the first step of Nintendo to go jump in the mobile gaming industry as they plan which was presented at E3 earlier this year.

But Pokemon Shuffle is just the first step, considering the game is just a form of transportation, aka remove any media, from mobile to 3DS format. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company seems to have big plans to deliver a fresh gameplay and a new experience on your mobile phone.

Niantic software holding company, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo announced their new project called Pokemon Go. With a 3 minute video, trying to bring Pokemon Go Pokemon in the middle of our lives. Based augmented reality technology, as a combination of mobile technology and Location Based Services, we are required to physically move toward Pokemon caught in the radar and catch it on the Pokemon location.

An application for Android and iOS has been prepared so that we can find a position pokemon based map where we are. Allows the phone to function as a radar that can read the distance between our phones with the presence of pokemon. Then pokemon-pokemon interact with the software provided. While the Naintic responsible for developing Bluetooth receiver pin shaped like a pin on a Google Map, and have coloration like Pokeball. Given the name Pokemon Go Plus.

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You can capture, train, asking him to fight against wild pokemon, exchanging Pokemon with other players, fight Pokemon belongs to someone else, until the developer has prepared special events are limited by time to challenge all players pokemon Go catch Pokemon rare nan formidable ,

The concept of augmented reality such as this, in which the digital content is merged into the real world, is not new. But its implementation into the game Pokemon that has a wide variety of gameplay quite promising with wider possibilities.

Pokemon Go will be launched next year.

You can see the video that was released by The Pokemon Company below.