Samsung Charm: Beautiful Fitness Bracelet

Samsung announced a gorgeous wearable product. Given the name of Charm, this device is a fitness bracelet that will be suitable for you who like to look stylish.

Designed with a minimalist design, Charm does look more like jewelry than an electronic device. Charm equipped with LED lights that will inform incoming calls, messages or notifications received fromĀ user. And those can be regulated through specifically applications named Samsung Charm App. LED lights are also useful for displaying information connectivity and battery status.

Long-lasting Battery

Charm can also be paired with Samsung S Health app to monitor your activity and fitness. Such as counting the number of footsteps, the distance that has been taken and calories burned while you move. To provide convenience to users, Charm has been equipped with a battery 17mAH that can be used up to about 14 days to completely recharge the battery.

Charm is available in several options such as: gold, black and Rose Quartz. This device is compatible with all Android smartphones running Android OS 4.4 or above. Samsung has not been informed how the selling price of this beautiful fitness bracelet. To be sure, this product will be available first in Korea, Italy, France and Russia.