Ultimate Ears Roll 2: Sounds Better, More Further Bluetooth Range

Bluetooth speaker from Logitech has now got an update with the announcement of the Ultimate Ears Roll 2.

Not many innovations brought by this second generation of Ultimate Ears Roll. Design, weight and dimensions are still the same. What makes it different, Ultimate Ears Roll 2 now comes with a sound performance that is 15 percent better and Bluetooth range farther reaches 30 meters.

With a waterproof body design, Logitech also brings complementary accessories that UE Floatie. These buoys accessories will be directly present in the sales package and could be the right medium to invite  UE Roll Ears 2 to the pool when you have a party at the pool.


Ultimate Ears Roll 2 will be available in 6 variants in color and pattern such as : Tropical Anime, Volcano, Reef, sugarplum, Habanero and Atmosphere. For the price, Logitech UE Roll 2 sold at a price of US $ 99.99 and will be available in May 2016.