Wozniak says that the next big thing in tech will come from Tesla, not Apple

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak might know a thing or two about innovation. He also might know a thing or two about innovators, and for now he is betting that the next big thing in tech will be coming from Elon Musk and Tesla, not from Apple. Talking about the success of the Tesla Model S, the Woz said it worked because Musk built the device for himself. “When things come from yourself, knowing what you’d like very much and being in control of it…that’s when you get the best products,” he said.

Apple’s size and age apparently puts it at a disadvantage. When discussing the names of some of the companies in tech that have “changed the world”, Wozniak mentions Tesla, Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft. He notes that they came from young people, and were not spun out of big businesses.

“Look at the companies like Google and Facebook and Apple and Microsoft that changed the world — and Tesla included. They usually came from young people. They didn’t spring out of big businesses.”-Steve Wozniak, co-founder, Apple

Apple is now a big company with the largest valuation of all time. It also has the largest cash hoard ever recorded by a company at $286 billion. And while that sounds like a company that has made it, according to Wozniak it doesn’t sound like a company that will father the next big thing in tech.

source: PhoneArena