10 Awesome Hidden or Little Known iOS 10 Features Apple Didn’t Talk About

With iOS 10, Apple introduced those in-your-face interface changes its predecessor couldn’t, as iOS 9 was mainly focused on under-the-hood optimizations, like speed and security. We have a brand new Lock screen with rich notifications, widgets and quick camera access, a more interactive Peek preview that utilizes 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, as well as a brand new Apple Music.

Not only that, but Apple decoupled the stock apps from the operating system for faster updates, and significantly enhanced iMessage, making it possibly the most full-featured secure chat app out there. That’s not all, however, as when we installed the iOS 10 Developer Beta 1 we noticed a veritable smorgasbord of even smaller, but svelte features that Apple didn’t have time to mention in the keynote, or list them on its website.

We aren’t even talking about the new folder expansion or app launch animations, too – these are cool, but nonessential. We don’t know if and in what form this new stuff will make it into the final commercial iOS 10 release, but here are some of them to give you a taste of what’s in store once the big update hits your handset.

1. Clear All option for the Notification Center

One issue with the iOS Notification Center before iOS 10, was that you couldn’t dismiss all of them at once, rather than by category, and this can quickly lead to a cluttered shade.

No more, though, as iOS 10’s handy “Clear” button up top now gets rid of all notifications at once. Whew.


2. Close all tabs in Safari

Just like with the new clear-all notifications option, there is now a way to close all Safari tabs in iOS 10 with one tap.

Just long-press on the tab switcher in the bottom right of the Safari control strip, and there will be an option to shut down all of the currently open tabs at once.


3. Search moves to the Notification Center

Take it or leave it, Search is now in the notification center where it belongs, for the sake of Today’s view option that is nowhere to be seen.

4. New ‘Back to’ button

Not only is the ‘Back To’ button in the status bar more compact, and the back arrow in bold now, but you can now also see the Wi-Fi and cellular signal icons when the ‘Back To’ button is displayed, too.

5. New App Store ad display

Apple recently introduced a way for developers to stand out among the 2 million apps on the App Store by buying ad spacewhen you search for a specific keyword, but in iOS 9 (left) it’s much harder to discern between the ad and the regular app listings below it.

In iOS 10 (right), though, the App Store segregates the ad prominently with a blue background, and an “ad” tag next to the app’s name.


6. Avoid tolls or highways option in Maps navigation

At long last, Apple Maps now lets you choose whether you want to exclude highways and toll roads on your way to the destination. More over, it will show the current weather in your destination in the lower right corner, rather awesome.
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