5G Could Become a Reality

The Australia’s telecommunication industry is appealing to the Federal Government to loosen the rules it has put in place regarding the installation of mobile infrastructure in areas where people reside. This industry intends to plant more stations so that it can deliver to the people the latest mobile internet technology. The sector also urges the government to smoothen the regulations about cellular towers in cities and towns, so that the introduction of the 5G network can be fastened. Once the new network becomes operational, people are assured that the speed to download files on phones will increase by 100 percent from its speed today. The network will also be used in various innovations including smart street lighting, smart homes, and remote surgery not forgetting to mention the self-driving cars.

The Federal Government has informed the telecommunication industry that they ought to consult with the neighborhoods before installing any equipment because some members have raised concerns regarding the increase in telecommunication infrastructure. The information comes few days after the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association made a well-detailed report about the 5G network. The report revealed that the 5G mobile would take up $5.7 billion in this financial year alone, and will be used to support innovations by 2020. It also became apparent that the network would need improved mobile phone infrastructure. The 5G network has not yet been formalized, but when it is, the telecommunication industry assures people that it will provide a speed of 10 gigabits every second. With this speed, people will be able to download HD movies on their phones within seconds.

Speed is not the only thing that 5G will come along with. It will make it possible for more devices to be connected to the internet at the same time and communicate without a broadband connection. Paul Buddle, a telecommunication analyst, says that the infrastructure needed to support the 5G network is massive, and would mean that the number of antennas in cities will increase. According to the France independent telecommunication regulator, the 5G network would need 10 mobile phone base for every phone tower. Chris Althaus who is head of Australian Mobile Telecommunication Association says that as much as many mobile base stations would be needed, they are as small in size as the coffee cups. As a result of the high demand of high-speed network in Australia, it may end up being the first country to use 5G.