A Second Chance for the Forgotten Apple TV

In the battle over digital streaming box dominance, Apple has yet to prove that it is a worthy combatant. The Apple TV line of streaming boxes and accessories has suffered from low sales and lack of interest, particularly since competing products from brands such as Amazon and Google are more accessible in terms of price and functionality.

One of the problems with Apple TV has been 4K video. Even the most ardent fans of the California tech giant have questioned the high price of Apple TV boxes that do not support digital video with 4K resolution. The problem is more significant when considering that Apple is a brand that takes pride in its multimedia offerings.

Luckily for Apple fans, the company is reportedly looking into incorporating 4K video support later this year; moreover, other advanced features may include exclusive deals with content partners in the sports and news media fields. This is certainly good news for people who thought Apple may have given up on its stylish streaming boxes, which over the last two years have not received any major updates save for a mobile app.

According to a report broadcast by Fox News, Apple TV is far behind Roku, Amazon and Google in terms of streaming boxes; for this reason, Apple shareholders and investors were not happy to learn that sales of these streaming boxes had plummeted during the 2016 holiday shopping season. This lack of popularity explains why Apple has failed to attract the attention of video production companies, which have been flocking to other streaming platforms such as Amazon and Netflix.

Current owners of Apple TV devices will simply have to make sure they are connected to the internet to get the 4K video update later this year. Along with 4K support, the next Apple TV upgrade will also include the ability of playing high dynamic range video, which is the latest technology in digital multimedia entertainment.

Apple will also continue to work on the most important aspect of any streaming service: original content. For the time being, the company will add Amazon Prime Video to the channel lineup of Apple TV devices; however, analysts expect Apple to become more involved in content production, at least in terms of financing.

Another streaming upgrade that Apple has been working on is 4K video compression; this would entail partnering with film studios and figuring out a way to convert high resolution formats so that they can stream over iTunes.