Amazon Announces New $50 Tablet: Is It Too Small to Matter?


Amazon initially entered the gadget market with its Amazon Kindle, a nifty ereader that paved the way for other models of its kind, like the Barnes and Noble Nook. While the Kindle has steadily grown in popularity, and seen more advanced tablets like the Amazon Fire introduced to the market, it seems that any and all of Amazon’s tablets/ereaders are not the cheapest devices out there; a fact that the company hopes to address this winter.



According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal just a few days ago, Amazon is planning on releasing a $50 tablet just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Most onlookers believe that this new and cheaper alternative is a direct response to the company’s lag in selling more expensive gadgets.

Just like the HD Fire, this new tablet will be a six inch model. However, it is said to be the mere beginning of a new line by Amazon which will later include eight and ten inch tablets. In comparison to the Fire, this new tablet is indeed a great steal. The former now sells for $99 with screensaver ads, and $114 without them. Once the new reveal is unleashed, it will most likely be the cheapest tablet on the market  (whether or not it will be with ads is yet to be known).

One major flaw in Amazon’s tablets is most definitely their size. Larger smartphones like the iPhone 6 and 6S  are gracing stores as we speak, and they are also sized at approximately six inches. The latest trends show that big smartphones are in, so why would anyone buy a tiny tablet if they can get the same size (and probably more functionality) with a smartphone?

It’s true, the line between tablets and smartphones is growing into an increasingly blurred one. Nonetheless, the functions of these two types of devices remain quite different. Smartphones above all are for communication, while tablets serve better when it comes to entertainment and reading, two pastimes which call for bigger screens.

So why make tablets increasingly small? If convenience is the primary argument, then it will simply be trumped by the fact that people carry smartphones of the same size with them wherever they go. We’re eager to see how Amazon’s cheap tablet will do on the market, but the prospects don’t seem all that spectacular.



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