Amazon’s New Instant Pickup Service Launched


When it comes to giving shoppers faster access to their online purchases, Amazon is a company that has been constantly innovating. This Tuesday, the company has launched a service for Amazon Prime members called Instant Pickup. Their new program allows consumers using the online platform to pick up a wide range of items, such as cold drinks, personal care items, Amazon devices and snacks to get their order in as little two minutes by picking them up from a designated location.

The way the Instant Pickup program works is quite simple. Shoppers place an order through the app and then go to the location closest to them to receive their items from a self-service locker. There’s no need to wait for a day or more for the item to be delivered.

At the moment, the service has been rolled out to five locations. It’s available in Los Angeles and Berkeley, California, College Park, Maryland, Columbus, Ohio and Atlanta. In a statement, the online shopping giant mentioned that they’re planning to open additional staffed pickup locations in other parts of the country during the next few months.

Instant Pickup appears to be Amazon’s way of competing with local convenience stores and other shops. Until now, these retail locations had the advantage of being able to provide must-have items and impulse buys much faster than Amazon. While online shopping may be gaining popularity, 90 percent of retail sales in the US are still done through physical locations.

Amazon has been working tirelessly to get grow their share of nationwide retail purchases by making it faster and more convenient for shoppers to get their hands on the items they need. Same-day and overnight delivery is currently available on a wide range of products in many urban and suburban areas. The Prime Now program, offered in 30 major cities, provides two-hour delivery. The popular e-commerce site has also significantly expanded its physical presence in the last few years by opening up mall kiosks and bookstores. Amazon’s planned acquisition of grocery chain Whole Foods is interesting too, as it will likely lead to consumers being able to shop for groceries online and receive their order by visiting a Whole Foods location.