An Insight into the Life of the new Uber CEO

Uber announced that they would be employing Dara Khosrowshahi as their chief executive officer. This offers us the chance to scrutinize the life and career of the new executive officer. Mr. Khosrowshahi moved to the land of the opportunity from Iran almost 40 years ago. He was aged eight back then. At that time, Iran was on the verge of a revolution, and many Americans saw Iranians as a threat to the national security. To make things difficult for his family, they were broke meaning they could not afford basic commodities. His cousin Hadi Partovi said that they had lost everything to the Iranian government leaving them with a chip on their shoulders. This left them with the burning desire to build a life for themselves in the US. With no skills at the moment, they could only specialize in business. Should Uber confirm him as their chief executive, Mr. Khosrowshahi will have achieved his mission in life. Uber is an American ride sharing company. For starters, the company is regarded as one of the most valuable startups in the technology world. Mr. Khosrowshahi was the chief executive of Expedia. According to Expedia, the deal to join Uber is as good as done.

The appointment of Mr. Khosrowshahi brings to an end six months of turmoil in Uber that began when Travis Kalanick was fired as the chief executive officer of his company. This followed some scandals within Uber. This means that the first responsibility that Mr. Khosrowshahi will be tasked with will be to heal the internal culture within the company. For instance, Uber has been known to tolerate harassment. Uber is a firm that has become notable for divisiveness for the last few months. This means that he will have to reshape the business model of the company which is ailing at the moment. The other two agendas for him will be to deal with the company’s competitors and most importantly, determine whether the company should go public. However, Mr. Khosrowshahi should be aware of the role that the former chief executive officer takes as a misstep may lead to Mr. Kalanick gaining his company back. Until now, the new chief executive has not commented about his new job. Mr. Khosrowshahi hails from a family of Iranian elites. His father is known as Gary Khosrowshahi while his mother is known as Eli Khosrowshahi. The two have criticized and applauded their son on different occasions.