Android Apps Now Can Operating in Chrome OS

Android apps on Chrome OS is no longer a dream. In order to maximize the Chrome OS, Google has finally officially announced the Android app will soon be able to run on their operating system.

The development of Chrome OS itself is not as fast as Windows or Mac OS from Apple. This is because Chrome OS is designed on the basis of the Internet and cloud computing, which means to maximize the OS and run the application you must be connected to the internet.

With the Android app now can run on Chrome OS, of course, will open greater opportunities this operating system in the future. The reason, the Android application can run on Chrome OS without needing internet connection or can be run offline.

With the number of Android app content very much, future productivity and all entertainment needs such as gaming and multimedia can be done on Chrome OS-based laptop just to rely on Android as using a smartphone or tablet.

Use Android apps on Chrome OS Google also claimed to be exactly like the smartphones and tablets. The difference is, the application will be available in 3 window size, and can run multiple applications simultaneously on one screen. Moreover, users can also choose the option that is used as input using a keyboard, mouse or touch screen.

The plan, support this new feature will be enjoyed by users of Chrome OS around the fourth quarter of this year. So, are you ready to switch to Chrome OS?