Android Nougat, Official Names for Marshmallow Successor

After going through various predictions in recent years, Google finally officially announced the names they will use for Android N, the latest operating system Marshmallow successor .

Not Nutella, but Nougat

As is known, the name Nutella was widely heard will be the choice of Google’s Android N. Indeed, there was a possibility into reality, considering Google has been using the brand popular as Android name them, ie, KitKat.

However it was not proven. Google ensures that their new OS called Android Nougat, a name derived from the snacks made of sugar or honey and usually plus walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, or dried fruit.

Although the official name used already announced, unfortunately there is no information about the code numbers used by Android Nougat, whether 7.0 or even 6.1.

Many New Features

Google has previously revealed numerous improvements presented in Android Nougat. In addition to better performance, new features are provided to give you the maximum experience. Call it Splitscreen Multitasking, Data Saver, a change in the notification, and many more.

It should be underlined also that Android Nougat is designed to be more prepared to support Virtual Reality technology through mobile VR system from Google called Daydream. Want to know more latest features in Android Nougat?