Anker PowerHouse: World’s Largest Bank Power Capacity 120 000 mAh

In this mobile era, can not be denied if the electrical power is the most vital in everyday life. If you want something that is greater than POWERBANK, this device is the answer.

Anker powerhouse, this device is a generator that can be taken with you wherever you go. Weight under 10 pounds and the diameter of 7.9 x 6.5 x 5.7 inches, you can carry it easily and without much effort. Even with the aluminum material makes these devices impact resistant, making it suitable for those who like to travel challenging.

With the power 400 Wh and capacity 120,000 mAh , it is not surprising Anker Powerhouse dubbed as world largest powerbank, because you can recharge your laptop battery up to 15 times and smartphones up to 40 times. If you plan to travel much but still want to connect mobile, of course, these devices are becoming things that you must bring.

To support a variety of devices, Anker powerhouse has four USB ports, AC outlet, and a 12V socket  PowerIQ tech for recharging super-fast. You can reload a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, and laptops simultaneously safely because of its Battery Management System (BMS) technology that will control the voltage used.

Not only that, Anker Powerhouse also supports medical device such as a CPAP machine, so it can be used for medical purposes in emergencies. In fact, these devices can also provide lighting at 15V for a duration of more than 100 hours.

To recharge, Anker powerhouse can do in two ways, with conventionally via AC output and solar power. That way, you can maintain the power availability they had when they were in areas that do not have the availability of electricity.

Currently Anker powerhouse has sold globally through Amazon with prices US $ 499.