Antisemtic Content Sneaks in Recap From Forbes Tech

Users can now make gifs and insert them into Facebook Messenger. Unfortunately, there have been some anti-Semitic content being made and spread around. Facebook’s Messenger service allows users to insert the gifs via a third party, and this is how it is believed the content made it through. A french Jew named Haviv Baubot was one of the witnesses to the offensive content. Thank god no permanent psychological damage was done to Monsieur Baubot because these type of hateful images often do irreparable psychological harm to certain Semitic peoples exposed to them. Haviv Baubot found the gif file to be in both French and English, which is just doubly offensive to Jews.

This is a setback to Mark Zuckerberg’s global struggle against hate speech and respect to everyone no matter what their gender or sexuality is or even if it changes from day to day or hour to hour. Unfortunately for the time being, no one has a clue where the graphic of hate originated from. Reverse image traces it back to a Polish site, however, there have been many fake hoax attacks committed by the very same members of the group whom the attacks have been focused on, so police will have to investigate all possible leads and think unorthodox as well.

Again, this is an affront to Facebook’s campaign against hate, but it is also illegal in the European Union. The EU’s version of free speech is not the same as the United States in that many things, including images are considered hate speech and punishable by several years in a dangerous prison. Facebook is still staying committed to its effort to limit hate speech while at the same time respecting free expression. This seems to be a very fine line in which they will eventually have to choose one way or the other since it is becoming increasingly impossible to consolidate the two philosophies.

This has obviously been bothering Facebook users for sometime because report functions do no cover messages as well as some users would prefer. For example, a user on the social media giant made an inquiry about reporting hateful messages and graphics sent through messenger, but the user seemed to have found no luck since it was reported a month ago.

Hopefully soon Facebook will work out a way to keep their users safe from visual and emotional assaults because there seems to be a tremendous backlash against from the political right and the abuses they have had to undergone, as well as false flag attacks attempted to inflame the left against the right. We can all simply hope cooler heads prevail with the help of Facebook’s superior technology.

You can read the article in its original entirety here on Forbes Tech and authored by Rebecca Heilweila who is also Jewish