Apple Faces Legal Battle for Slowing Down Old iPhones

Apple is preparing to defend itself against numerous class action lawsuits involving the company’s decision to slow down old iPhones. As reported by Huffington Post, Apple intentionally tweaked the performance of old iPhones in a software update to make them run slower, often without the user’s permission or knowledge. But now users are lashing out against the tech giant, claiming Apple violated consumer protection laws.

Critics say Apple is intentionally slowing down its previous-generation iPhones to encourage users to upgrade their handset to a newer model. By making the old handsets run slower, they believe Apple is coercing users to buy a new iPhone. Apple has since responded to these allegations, however, saying the move was done to protect the electronic components from damage.

Class action lawsuits against Apple for slowing down old iPhones have already been filed in Illinois and California.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Apple confirmed a recent update for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to slow down the devices and prevent spontaneous restarting. According to Apple, the lithium-ion batteries used in the devices suffer from a low charge as they age. In order to prevent this low charge from causing old iPhones to restart, the company pushed a new update that lowered the devices’ performance.

Based on this statement, it appears that Apple’s intentions were good. The tech giant wanted to increase the lifespan of old iPhones, so it made the devices slower. Even so, however, not everyone agrees with Apple’s decision to slow down old iPhones. Many users believe the company went behind users’ backs to secretly perform this adjustment without their knowledge.

With Apple facing widespread criticism for slowing down its old iPhones, it’s now offering a $29 battery replacement for the aforementioned handsets. Apple says replacing the battery will restore the iPhone back to its normal operating speeds.