Apple Pays Another Big Tribute to Jobs

Few technology releases get the public as riled up as the release of a new iPhone, and Apple reportedly has some very special things in the works to mark the tenth anniversary of their revolutionary smartphone.

10 Years of the iPhone

It’s hard to believe that it was more than a decade ago that a turtlenecked and bespectacled Steve Jobs first introduced the world to the device that would change it forever: the iPhone.

As old as that might make you feel, it’s true. Apple celebrates the 10th anniversary of the iPhone this year with the release of iPhone 8. According to CNet, Apple has already sent out invitations for the launch, rumored to be occurring around the 12th of September.

A Special Location for a Special Product Launch

Even his fiercest competitors had to admit the following: nobody knew how to launch a product quite like Steve Jobs. From the first Macintosh to the iPod, and then beyond, Jobs knew how to light up the room with his excitement about his company’s creations.

Unsurprisingly, Apple has named their university theater after their founder, and it’s in the Steve Jobs Theater that Apple will celebrate the 10th year of the iPhone, as well as Jobs’s enduring legacy in the field of technology. What’s more, this is an especially moving tribute to Jobs, as the 10th anniversary and iPhone 8 Product Launch will be the first major event ever to be held in this 1000-person-capacity theater.

What Will the iPhone 8 Be Like?

Amidst the political drama and other news of the day, many people have forgotten (or, just plain gotten used to the fact) that Apple made a pretty revolutionary change last time around by eliminating the headphone jack from the iPhone.

iPhone lovers and Apple addicts of all kinds can’t wait to get their hands on the new iPhone, even though little has been revealed as far as its features go. Still, the iPhone 8 reportedly represents a “huge leap” from previous models, but information is understandably being kept very hush-hush.

Customers are getting harder to “wow” with every passing year. This begs the question:
will the iPhone 8 really be worth the wait? Unfortunately, our crystal ball is broken, so we won’t know until September 13th. Check back with us then (and always) for the latest news on technology and more!