Apple To Add Parental Control to Its Devices

Responding to calls from its own investors to address the concern that children are becoming addicted to the company’s smartphones and tablets, Apple announced that it will provide parents “more robust” control over the children’s devices.

This week, the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, which is one of the country’s largest institutional investors, wrote a letter to Apple, along with Jana Partners LLC. They asked the company to offer parents better tools for helping them control how their children use the company’s devices.

Apple responded to the request by saying that parental controls are already available for their devices. They also said that they are an industry leader in providing these types of controls, by placing them directly within the operating system. Still, the company plans on making their parental controls even better in the future. Though the company has not yet said what exactly they will change and when they will implement these changes.

The two investors made several suggestions to Apple on how they could enhance parental control in their products. Among these suggestions was offering more options in the operating system software to control how children use their devices. They also want Apple to set up an expert committee on the matter, and they want them to supply researchers with pertinent data the company has already collected on the subject.

Until Apple rolls out its parental control update, there are a number of things parents can do to control how their children use the company’s products.

Parents can enable restrictions on an iPhone or an iPad through the iOS settings of the device. This allows parents to limit what apps can be installed and deleted on the device, as as well control in-app purchases. It also lets parents control the type of content children can place on their devices.

Parents can also set up shared app accounts for their children. This allows parents to restrict what apps their children use, and lets them view how their children are using these apps.