Apple to introduce a new iPhone Next Month

It’s ten years since iPhone was launched and many people are still glued to it. With the GPS device with you, you can rarely get lost. At the same time, iPhone has helped people become decent photographers due to the constant practice with the device. What’s more, iPhone has helped people become more responsive and punctual as the phone’s email and calendar keeps them up to date. These are some of the reasons why people love iPhone. A recent article by the New York Times explained that since the device was introduced to the world in 2007 by Apple, the device has become the closest digital friend to millions of people in America as well as across the globe. In fact, iPhone is the best-selling product by Apple up to date. Currently, Apple ranks as the second best seller in electronics after Samsung. This is despite Apple’s products being twice as expensive as their rivals. The price of the iPhone has drawn discussions from all corners of the world. Today, people are not interested in phones that look thinner or those that have bigger screens. People are also not interested in downloading more apps. What’s more disturbing for Apple is that it faces competition from other companies in their stronghold markets of China and India.

Some of their customers are now going for cheaper phones with the same capability. However, people are eager to see the new upgrades that will be introduced by Apple during their 10th anniversary. This could make people become hungrier for the device or lose appetite for it. However, according to sources close to Apple, the new device has a lot of improvements. For instance, the sources revealed that the new model has a bigger screen meaning that the bezel will become small. The forehead, as well as the chin of the phone, will also reduce with the new improvements. The new iPhone will have a provision of charging the device through magnetic induction. Unlocking through facial recognition is another feature that is likely to be added to the device. However, Apple has only managed to keep its customers because of one of the following features. The first feature is the Apple stores that bring about the concept of the Genius bar that is crucial for repair. The fact that Apple offers stronger security cannot be underestimated. The other two issues that keep people glued to Apple products are the high privacy standards offered by the company as well as the tight ecosystem associated with Apple.