“Apple Will Help FBI To Unlock Killer’s iPhone”

The killer who took the lives of 26 people and injured 20 others who were attending a church service in Texas was using an iPhone. After the incident, police found the killer dead in his vehicle some distance away from the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, where he committed the act. He had his phone with him. However, the local police were not able to unlock because of the security features that this type of phone possesses. It is the reason why the FBI took the device to its crime lab located in Virginia and try to unlock it.

Accessing the user’s data on the device is critical to understanding the motive behind their action. It is possible that the killer also saved their data on iCloud a storage service offered by Apple. The data will contain the numbers that the individual used to call, the messages he sent, and the pictures they took using the device.

The last time such a scenario occurred even the FBI found it difficult to find a backdoor to the device and access the user’s data. The fact indicates how strong the encryption used in common devices has become, a fact which an FBI special agent accepted.

Manufacturers are using these strong encryption to protect user data from access by unauthorized third parties. It is because currently hacking has become the order of the day. However, now the FBI will not go through a similar hustle because Apple said it offered the authorities help in accessing the data. On top of that, the tech giant claimed it had trained thousands of law enforcement personnel on how to deal with their devices when such scenarios happen. It also stated that it had informed the law enforcement personnel on how they can request for information.

Many experts are speculating that it is the FBI who missed their chance to get information from the device. They could have used the dead man’s finger to gain access. It is because the device had fingerprint security feature. Moreover, iPhones locked with a fingerprint will only ask for a pass code in case they are not unlocked for two days straight. Therefore, before the time elapsed, the FBI could use the killer’s cold finger to unlock the phone. Unless someone had switched it off, rebooted it or the device itself had run out of battery.