Best ultra thin and elegant iPhone 7 cases

One of the big advantages of the iPhone 7 is that… it is small. Yep, you might look with bemusement at a 4.7″ handset in this day and age, but when carrying it around and using it with one hand, you’ll appreciate the footprint. Best ultra thin and elegant iPhone 7 cases

Moreover, this screen diagonal makes the phone conducive to all kinds of cases, even thick and armor-like, as they still don’t add all that much girth to the slim and tiny handset. Ditto for battery cases that add a whale hump to your phone.
Spigen Air Skin ($13.96)
Apple said it improved on the battery life of the iPhone 7, though, plus every once in a while you are likely to land at a crossroad, wanting to keep most of the thin and measured design of your $600+ phone visible, but at the same time want to have that same expensive handset protected from the daily wear, keeping its value longer.
 TOZO Ultrathin ($8.99)
 Enter the ultra thin ‘barely there’ cases that weave around your iPhone 7 like a plastic wrap, and still offer a piece of mind when you drop your handset to the floor. Here’s a fine collection of those for you to consider.