Canva App Released for iPad


CanvaFor those who already use to create infographics, banners, Facebook covers, and other designs this is great news. For those unfamiliar with the popular design creator, this might be just what they need to add some pizzazz to their website or social media networks.

On October 15th, the free Canva app was released for iPad users so that they can create new and edit existing designs.

What can be created with the Canva iPad app? — Infographics, presentations, blog graphics, photo collages, Facebook posts and covers, Twitter posts, Pinterest graphics, custom images, and more can be created, edited, and saved.

Canva offers a simple interface with layouts, text options, and backgrounds on the left along with a search option when looking for specific images. Once items are tapped on the left, they appear in the design area on the right where they can then be customised. There is also a drag and drop feature which works really well on the iPad.

Font customisations such as bold, italic, color, alignment, font style, list, and size along with colour options and transparency settings are available. There are also filters such as retro, grayscale, whimsical, and festive. Grids are also available to help users get started by organising and arranging their images, text, and other items into specific sections of the design. The resizing and rotating features work well on the iPad. Other features include copy, up or down layer, custom colours, and cropping.

Canva offers a variety of predefined categories to choose items such as lines, banners, shapes, frames, icons, arrows, buttons, and stickers. Each of the images in the categories is customisable. Image options include hundreds of free choices along with over a million paid images. Where the website offers paid images for $1 each, the iPad app offers credits to be purchased to pay for images upon download of the design. There is also the option for users to upload their own images for use in the designs.

Designs can include a single page or many pages. The pages can be copied, deleted, or rearranged by using one of the few navigation buttons on the right of the design area.

Designs created are saved automatically and appear on the user’s main screen upon login. This is very convenient as designs are saved repeatedly as users work on them and there is also an “undo” button for going back if needed. Designs can then be shared directly to social media networks or downloaded as a .pdf, a .png, or both.

Overall, the interface is intuitive so that a design can be created in just minutes. It mimics the interface of the website nicely.

Creating an account is free and can be done using Facebook or an email address and password. The iPad app requires iOS 7.0 or later and is 33.8 MB.

For those fans of the website they will find the app to be familiar and just as easy to use as the site. For those who have not used Canva yet, I would highly recommend giving it a try!

Author: Sandy Stachowiak, editor of