Ccleaner Infected by Malware and Other Tech News Affecting the World

This past week there were 5 major tech “happenings” that could affect you or your business in some way. The biggest one being the Ccleaner malware fiasco.

Hackers Infect Ccleaner

Ccleaner is used by millions worldwide to clear their caches, remove cookies, and basically run a general sweep of their computer’s operating system.

This week hackers were able to penetrate into Avast’s Piriform platform, where one can find and download the Ccleaner app, and load it with malicious content.

It is predicted that over 2 million downloaders received the infectious version of Ccleaner before the threat was found by researchers at Cisco Talos.

At this time an Avast spokesperson has said that its organization has guaranteed the situation and no further infections will be possible.

Finger Payment at UK Supermarket

It seems it is now possible to pay groceries in Britain with your finger.

The United Kingdom supermarket, Costcutter, has now taken its place in history as the first supermarket in the world to allow customers to pay for their groceries through high-tech finger vein scanners.

The scanners use infrared to read the outline of a person’s finger veins and then matches their unique vein map with their bank card.

As of right now, Costcutter has employed this technology in thousands of its stores across the UK. It is expected that other developed countries will adopt such payment possibilities soon. It is expected that this will alter the way people pay for groceries forever.

Global Payment Collections

The startup company, GoCardless, has recently secured around 22.5 million from investors to begin implementing their new debit-payment technology which facilitates the collection of recurring payments across the globe.

GoCardless raises $22.5 million to help companies collect payments by direct debit globally

Many Fortune 2000 companies around the world collect subscription payments and GoCardless’ direct debit technology would make it easier for them to do so. In fact, any business that earns revenues through the subscription model would greatly benefit from this service.

Hamburger Robot

Caliburger, a fast-food restaurant in Pasadena, California, has just hired a robotic hamburger flipper.
Flippy, the hamburger cooking robot, gets its first restaurant gig

The robot flipper’s name is Flippy and was designed by Miso Robotics, a startup that is also located in Pasadena.

The use of robots to perform manual tasks within organizations is nothing new. The car industry began employing them in the late 70’s and early 80’s in record numbers. However, now small businesses like Caliburger are getting in on the action. Not only do robots never take a break, but they don’t complain or come late either.

Is this the beginning of the end for the world’s human labor force? It just might be!