Codecademy Announces Transition from Free to Paid Services

Learning to code today is as easy as going online. Among the dozens of free websites aiming to teach people basic and advanced coding skills, Codecademy remains one of the most popular and expansive in coding education. Their mission is to offer “the education the world needs – the first truly net native education”. For over six years, the founders have built a comprehensive platform for anyone to learn to code through interactive lesson plans, all at no expense to the users.

Due to increasing costs and funding constraints, that free-to-use platform is changing.

The founders of Codecademy have recently launched a paid Pro version of their lessons, which include new courses, more extensive tutorials and lesson planning, and guidance from coding experts. According to a statement by Zach Sims, CEO and founder of Codecademy, “Until 2015 we were totally free to users and focused on growing as large as we possibly could.” As a result, the company has been working hard to compile a version that would include, “the most engaging lessons and the best price point for a paid product.” The Pro version offers three tiers for users, which Codecademy believes will best serve their different types of learners.

This tiered Pro version has been extensively tested, which included over 20,000 current Codeacademy users and several million dollars. With this thoroughness, the lesson plans are sure to be beneficial. It may be difficult for users to swallow the new cost, which starts at $19.99 per month for the lowest tier and extends to $500 per course that includes additional sessions with a mentor throughout the 8-10 week course. Arguably, this could allow coders of all skill levels to advance at a much faster pace through the different Code Academy offerings.

Though these price points are a shift from the previously accessible and free lesson plans, the cost is still significantly lower than traditional education routes to learn the same coding skills. From learning to code a website using basic HTML and CSS all the way to becoming an expert in Python, Ruby on Rails, and ReactJS, there is no doubt that even at a monthly fee, Codecademy and other online, interactive websites like it, are well worth the cost and effort.

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