Cool and Comfort using the Samsung Gear VR

Technology Virtual Reality (VR) is growing. Not only the device, the content available are now more diverse. As if not to be outdone, Samsung already has its own flagship product to meet the desires of his fans who are curious to discover the world virtual.Samsung Gear VR (6) No kidding, the South Korean manufacturer’s direct holding company that is an expert in the field of VR, the Oculus. Collaboration both finally produce a headset that is named Samsung Gear VR. Curious? Check out his review below.

The ergonomic design and comfortable to use

As a headset that is worn on the head, of course, the material used must be qualified and make the user feel comfortable. In addition, the design should be made in such a way to be easily used and removed.

Samsung seems to really understand it. Gear VR comes with an ergonomic design with soft pads are very comfortable and flexible when used. How the installation is also easy. You do not need anyone’s help to put on the headset and adjust the strap it to adjust to your head.


The front of the Samsung Gear VR can be opened at once an entrance to connect the smartphone via a microUSB connector and put it in front of the optical lens. Yes, to enjoy the virtual reality headset, you need a smartphone that supports in terms of screen size (typically 5 to 6 inches) and sensors luggage. In this review, we used the Samsung Galaxy S6 that is recommended by Samsung to be a couple Gear VR in addition to the Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge +, and the Galaxy Note 5.

At the top of the Samsung Gear VR, you’ll find the Focus Adjustment Wheel as the name implies, serves to set the focus to your eyes. While on the right side there is a Back button, volume control buttons, and a touchpad that can be used as an alternative to control Gear VR than by movement of the head. If you want to recharge the batteries while enjoying Gear VR smartphone, Samsung presents the microUSB slot on the bottom of the headset.


The content is diverse in Oculus Store

Before enjoying the Samsung Gear VR, you’ll need to download the application Oculus first. Interestingly, through the Oculus Store you will find a variety of VR content that vary, ranging from games, video, and other applications. Even so, not all of them can be downloaded for free.

oculus store
Proximity sensor located in the front of the application will be automatically run when you wear Gear Oculus VR. We had tried some apps are quite stunning. Netflix, for example, you can enjoy the movie with a streaming service as if you were in a Home Theater. Suitable for those who like to watch movies on the big screen like a movie theater. Using headphones that qualified would be more to maximize your experience rather than relying on external speakers from the smartphone.

We also had a chance to try an application called Jurassic World: Apatosaurus, which will bring you to a forest and watching a giant dinosaur in front of your eyes. Oh yes, you can see your surroundings in 360 degrees, you know! In addition, there are also applications VRSE that offers a lot of content ranging from a visit to New York, a beautiful beach, to the mental hospital scary.

Motion sickness and smartphones are fast heat

Motion sickness is a constraint that has always felt most people when using a VR device. Samsung Gear VR at all, the possibility is still there, especially if you are playing a game that invites you to move fast like Temple Run VR. It was not long, the game instantly made us feel dizzy and nauseous. Your position when using Gear VR also be a factor in determining whether a motion sickness will come sooner or tidak.Samsung Gear VR (7) Another obstacle comes from its own smartphone. VR is demanding hardware performance. Smartphone will be forced to work hard to display the VR content on the screen. As a result, we had some time to rest because this smartphone Galaxy S6 gets hot. Luckily the alarm will appear on the screen when the heat started redundant so you do not have to bother to check the temperature of the smartphone.

However it should be underlined, the two constraints above come from the content presented as well as the smartphone is used, rather than the Samsung Gear VR her own. The problem that we found in the headset over the lens often appear blurry because of dew when the smartphone starts to overheat. The room temperature also play a role. So should, enjoy Gear VR in the air-conditioned room.


Samsung Gear VR is arguably one of the most promising VR headset that you can find in the market today. Ergonomic design and very convenient when used to be a plus. Buttons and touchpad are available is quite complete and easier for users to interact with the displayed content, for example, while playing the game. Additionally, VR-based applications and games that can be downloaded at Oculus Store quite a lot.

With price tag $ 99 – 108, the device is suitable for those who have one of the few smartphones Samsung as we mentioned above, and want to feel the plunge into the world of virtual reality.