Dealing with Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley

This year has been a confusing year for men working in Silicon Valley and American technology. The confusion has been brought by the workplace harassment conversation that has been ongoing around the nation. This has resulted in some of the men wondering whether they overstepped their boundaries and ignored the signs they should have seen. One person who says that he is still confused about the issue is Owen Cunninham. He works for KBM-Hogue design firm as the director, and he says he doesn’t know what to expect at the annual corporate holiday party. The 37-year-old executive wants the party to be canceled. This should be the case for women and men attending the party decide how they should interact. He considers himself as a person who is very progressive especially on issues that touch women. However, recent events have left him wondering about the behavior of the past. He asks the definition of flirting and what should it comprise of. He said he has found himself wondering whether he was taking advantage of a situation. Some of the high sexual profile cases that have awakened the cooperate world include those of Louis C.K, Mark Halperin as well as the Harvey Weinstein case. These are some of the cases that have led to the emergence of campaigns such as the #MeToo campaign.

It has emerged that men in the tech world who have always considered women as equals are starting to question themselves whether they might have overstepped their limits. A former PwC worker known as Nick Mathews says that he feels that he has done nothing wrong. However, he says the question that people should ask themselves is how their actions have been interpreted. This has led to the formation of all-men text groups to brainstorm on the issue. In these groups, some men have said that they will be more careful when dealing with women. They further say that they feel the line between sexual harassment and friendliness is very close and too easy to cross. Another entrepreneur from Denver known as Joel Milton says that he recently decided to be careful when dealing with women. Mr. Denver is 32 at the moment and works with Baker Technologies. This has caused many companies in Silicon Valley to make it mandatory for their male employees to attend anti-harassment training. However, the training has been deemed as ineffective by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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