Don’t exclusive if Microsoft Lumia 950 want to success

Step Microsoft to launches new Lumia smartphones, let alone implement a bundling system sales exclusively for certain operators assessed incorrectly and will block the success of these products.

Based on information from the media technology WMPoweruser, Microsoft’s new devices, one of which Lumia 950 will be exclusive to certain operators such as AT & T. WMPoweruser say that this is a step that can demonstrate that the Lumia handsets will be sluggish in sales. Or economic term called “underperform commercial”, because it is too segmented and limited in terms of sales.

“We are refocusing strategy in our sales, we are narrowing the sales in the short term and planning for long-term related availability of Lumia to Operator wider. While indeed we are still focusing on US operators, but we have made the decision to choose AT & T to bring Lumia 950, “a Microsoft statement citation in an interview with the media.

As an illustration of information, previous phones that have been sold exclusively via AT & T, including Nokia Lumia 1520, HTC First (Smartphone Facebook), and the BlackBerry Torch 9810. Now, none of the phone and then won good sales figures. Even the First HTC reportedly only sold less than 15,000 units.

PCWorld magazine even more sadistic addressing Microsoft’s move, which refer to sales of handsets exclusively through AT & described as a disaster. So do not be surprised if Microsoft assessed erred in doing the latest Lumia sales strategy.

Even the iPhone, which initially sold exclusively in the US by AT & T until 2011, has now become successful as they are now when Apple finally decided to open sales to all operators at launch.

By making the Lumia 950 sales exclusively through AT & T, Microsoft considered to hamper the success of the smartphone sales. Even T-Mobile CEO John Legere through its twit quipped Microsoft saying that Microsoft’s decision to sell the Lumia 950 exclusively to one operator is a big mistake. And Microsoft should immediately rise and be aware of the mistake.