Easily Create with Canon PowerShot G3 X

For the filmmakers simultaneously photography enthusiasts who like traveling, you need a device that is reliable but also easy to master. To that end, presenting Canon PowerShot G3 X is ready to help you liberate the latent creativity !!

Cool Photos and videos 
With the concept of prosumer cameras that are relatively compact, the PowerShot G3 X can record photos and videos from a distance with amazing quality. This means you can carry it comfortably as G3 X light weight will not be a burden when taken for a walk.

Behind its compact form, the camera entered the ranks of premium Canon PowerShot G series has a high-quality sensor and lens. 1 inch large sensor combined with a 25x optical zoom lens equivalent to 24-600 mm lens and the lens aperture 9 blade makes it ideal for shooting in all conditions.


Ideal for vacationing friends
Vacation accompanied G3 X also be a fun activity. You will have the freedom to shoot a variety of subjects with a beautiful blur detail. In fact, this camera can produce clear shots in low light from a distance thanks to the DIGIC image processor 6.

Dynamic IS features a high performance camera also provides stabilization for your shot. PowerShot G3 X can also capture moving images with auto focus that is faster and perform 5.9 fps burst shooting.

You can record Full HD video with a variety of frame rates as needed. This means G3 X will be suitable for those who want to make a vlog or for those who are learning to make short films.

One more thing that makes it ideal for traveling is a design that is waterproof and dust. This means you can use it on the beach without having to fear the camera will be damaged. Transfer photos and video to a smartphone to be distributed to social media became easier through features Wi-Fi and NFC are present.

For those of you who are looking for prosumer cameras that are relatively compact and lightweight and has advanced features and is capable of producing high-quality video images, the PowerShot G3 X decent choice.