Equities First Holdings Remains the Top Lender of Stock Based Loans

Established in 2002, Equities First Holdings is an advisory and investment company that provides people with a large variety of financial solutions. Aside from this role, it offers shareholder financing and margin loan services to assist people meet their personal and financial goals against a seemingly traded stock. Since its formation, Equities First Holdings has remained on the top when it comes to stock-based loans which are increasingly becoming popular. This has also made the company to become one of the most trusted enterprises in the finance industry.

Equities First Holdings was specially formed to provide credit services and enable customers to take up loans with publicly traded stocks as collateral for their loans. The firm aims to provide exceptional services to its customers by offering the lowest rates of qualification criteria. The company has helped many people accomplish their personal goals and their professional goals. Its universal reach with a special focus on security lending has enabled its customers to operate their deals smoothly without financial difficulties. Thus, the firm is dedicated to providing both small scale and large scale investors a simple and customized stock based transactions.

With over 14 years of experience in offering stock-based loans, the company has managed to open up many branches in various parts of the world. Equities First holdings president said that the company has greatly expanded since 2014, and has added further five offices to serve its clients in the United States, Australia, Europe and Asia. This new and grand acquisition is quite transformational for company as it has brought the brand to a new global level. According to the company’s management, this is one of the most important steps the company has taken and it has proved to be quite beneficial.

Since its inception, the company has executed over 700 transactions which totals to about $ 1.4 million. The firm hopes to spend more in the coming years because the number of potential clients has increased significantly after the opening of new branches. The company is celebrating its network growth since most of the people who previously turned to the banks for a loan, are now relying on their credit services.

The strategy of providing stock-based loans at a lower interest rate has enabled many people to overcome their financial constraints especially during an economic crisis. Despite the fact that interest rates rise during a financial crisis moment, Equities First Holding has continued provide its client the most reasonable interest rate on the market. This has enabled the company to maintain its high performance records regardless of how harsh the economy is.

Equities First Holdings has also offered a number of shareholder loans worth billions since the establishment of its London office in 2013. The company has been licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom to offer financial solutions customized to meet the specific needs of the borrower. The London branch has maintained a good track record because it “lives and breathes” equity-based loans on daily basis.

More importantly, the company has formed good working relationships with long term strategic partners, such as leading law firms both in local and international jurisdictions, the world’s largest banks and leading investment banks. This has enabled the company to offer efficient customized financial services to both businesses and individuals seeking non-purpose capital. Through its unique business strategy, the firm has successfully managed to supply liquidity efficiently and securely via a transparent process.

The London, UK Equities First Holdings Branch has specifically used collateral as part of a loan agreement. This branch has been leading in offering shareholder financing globally. According to the Branch Manager, the company has really gained from an agreement by signed by chief executive of Paysafe PLC, Joel Leonoff. The Paysafe PLC transaction is the second most profitable shareholder financing transactions following the agreement with CEO of Angle PLC, Andrew Newland in 27th October who paid his shares in full. Ideally, the London Equities First Holdings Branch has been performing exceptionally well since its establishment. This has enabled the Equities First Holdings as whole to remain ahead of its competitors, thus influencing the growth and development of the firm.

As a global money lender to financial institutions and individuals, Equities First Holdings is delighted by the growth and exceptional performance of the London office. The London office has specifically made the company to spearhead the commitment of $ 100 million US Dollars to foster lending to the European professional market. Due such a great endeavor, the Equities First Holdings in the United States of America has planned to celebrate its 15th anniversary to mark the 700 plus transactions they have successfully executed since their establishment and delivered more than $1 billion US dollars to clients in the last four years alone.

In addition, to the full repayment of Angle PLC shares, Equities First Holding has also announced the portfolio that transacted UK loan agreement on the company’s books of account. As the discussions continue, more and more businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom and Europe have continued to invest in the company or take advantage of their unique financial solutions and possibilities.

Equities First Holdings (https://www.theloop.com.au/ponydesignco/portfolio/equities-first/257479) is the only financial institution that provides the lowest interest rates on all their different loan products internationally. The firm is increasingly becoming popular and more preferred option for businesses and individuals looking for efficient and ridiculously affordable credit solutions. The company has managed to maintain a good performance record for the last 15 years because of its ability to maintain their system and offer clients a quick and reliable source of working capital using stocks as collateral.

One of the primary reasons borrowers opt for this company is because it offers them a great option for credit. Borrowers find this option very advantageous given the fact that one can take out a loan that does not have volatile measures, like fluctuations in interest rates. More importantly, the company provides its clients a fixed interest rate that is conveniently spread over an extended period to enable the borrower to repay their loans easily.

Unlike traditional bank loans, equity lending enables the borrower to choose the most flexible period to pay back the loan. The firm does not impose harsh measures that limit the borrower or make it difficult to pay back the loan. Equities First Holdings has changed the way lending institutions handle their clients, and this has made borrowers to have a positive perception. In summary, equity lending is an ideal option for governments, businesses and individuals looking for an affordable credit solution.

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