Explanation of Ancient Genes Found in Humans

Over two months ago, American scientists said that they had discovered strange proteins in the veins of pregnant women. They referred to this protein as Hemo. The protein was very unusual to them as it had not been made by the pregnant mothers. They later discovered that the protein had been made in the placenta that is found in her fetus. To make things interesting, the virus could only be traced back to a gene that is said to have infected the human population over 100 million years ago. As the scientists could learn later, this is not the only protein that contained such an alien origin. They discovered that the human DNA has around 100,000 pieces of such viruses. In fact, it was later documented that the human genome is made up of 8 percent of such genes. This is the reason why Aris Katzourakis and his team at the University of Oxford decided to carry out a research on the issues. They published the results in the Journal Trends in Microbiology. As a result, the study discovered that these proteins are causing a number of unexplained conditions to the human population. This has affected our health in many ways that were unexpected.

While some of the ancient viruses maybe preventing diseases from affecting the human population, there is a substantial amount of such viruses that are protecting the human population from several health conditions such as cancer. Dr. Katzourakis who is the lead author of the research said that things are becoming interesting as they are in the initial stages of the study. He says that the human DNA originates from a group of retroviruses including HIV. According to his explanation, the retroviruses work by attacking the host cell and inserting its genes into the cell. Once they are inside the cell, they mutate, form new versions of themselves and attack more cells in the host body. In conditions that these cells become hobbled, they somehow manage to produce their own proteins. This is the process through which these cells are able to force the cells to make a copy of their DNA. The study discovered that over 100 copies of the original copy could be produced. The Hemo gene was discovered by Dr. Heidmann who used to work at a cancer research in London known as Gutave Roussy. She lamented that the gene had been overlooked for a long period.