Facebook Applies for AR Patent

One of the most anticipated tech breakouts in the future is virtual reality and augmented reality. While there have been a lot of hopes for these technologies there has yet to be product put on the market that can match the concept. While a new product with AR or VR technology has not yet come out, one tech company appears to be taking some big steps in the right direction (https://www.engadget.com/2017/08/20/facebook-patent-ar-glasses/).

According to a recent patent filed, Facebook is taking steps to creating a new set of augmented reality glasses. According to the patent, Facebook’s new glasses will be able to change reality to those that are wearing the glasses. The glasses will likely be able to take computer animated images and place them into the view of the glasses wearer. This will provide them with access to a virtual world.

The use of this technology is potentially infinite. While there will likely be a lot of uses for entertainment, there are more productive uses as well. Many industries will likely be able to use the glasses to prepare a simulation for training purposes. It could also be incorporated into the worlds of education and rehabilitation.

Beyond the augmented reality part of the glasses, the new glasses will likely provide users with other information as well. They will likely be able to have a range of information placed into the glasses including time, phone and message information, and a wide variety of applications.

At this point, it remains to be seen if and when the glasses will become a reality. While the company has already filed a few different patents related to it, there is no news that they are close to brining the concept into an actual product. Google had tried to unveil a similar product a few years prior, but it was ultimately cancelled after an initial testing period.