Facebook Fights To Save Itself

How could the social media giant known as Facebook possibly have any issues maintaining its legitimacy? One would be forgiven if they did not understand how this could be possible. It was not that long ago that we spoke of Facebook in hushed tones as an incredible titan of industry. Now, we might use hushed tones to talk about the struggles that it is facing.

For the sake of clarity, Facebook does not appear to be on its last legs or anything like that. There are still well over one billion people worldwide that use the service. The questions that have arisen about it are pretty minor in comparison to the success that it has had. Still, there are serious questions nonetheless says CNN.

The company has faced some serious heat ever since the 2016 election when it was accused of not doing enough to prevent Russian bots and trolls from attempting to influence the results of the election by posting and sharing fake news stories. The level of success that these Russian bots had is certainly debatable, but the question of if they did try to do this work is no longer an open question. That has been determined to be true.

There are other issues such as how much content was coming from advertisers rather than friends and family. People were complaining that their news feeds were getting cluttered with information from advertisers that they did not request or want to see. You also have some former employees who have criticized what Facebook has become and how it has divided the country even more than we already were.

With all of this turmoil as of late it has been interesting to see the company respond. Mark Zuckerberg himself has stated that he has been working on ways to fix some of the issues that have come up with Facebook as of late. For example, the company recently announced that it would prioritize posts from friends and family more than posts from advertisers.

This could be a delicate balancing act as those advertisers want to be seen as well. Since the company is a public company as well, they have to consider what is best for the bottom line at all times.

It will be fascinating to see how Facebook reacts to the way that things have been going for it over the last few months in particular. It might be in a real battle to save its image and continue to grow.