Facebook gets back up after “siege” of fake news

Recently, Facebook announced that it will now be prioritizing its focus mainly on promoting posts that are shared by family and friends rather than the news feed, a revamp that could potentially negatively effect companies who rely on this platform.

This big change comes just on the tail of the big reveal of the website having been plagued with fake news, among other disturbances, not only during but post the election in 2016. Apparently, Russian operatives had been spreading false posts and misinformation on the social media site.

The differences may not be as easy to detect for some, since users will likely continue to be able to access news articles and perhaps even get notifications as well if they have been posted by or received a lot of traffic from friends. What may be noticeable, however, is the site’s new post priority, status, and emphasis – before, it was a lot stronger for the user’s interests, but now, it’s more about which ones have generated the most traffic and attention.

Back in 2006, when Facebook had just begun allowing people to join up after spending a lot of time as a place where college students on campus could have an online connection, the large social media site was more about friends posting and less about business. In a sense, it can be seen how this change, happening more than a decade later, is reuniting Facebook with its original roots, a fact that many current users actually prefer as they like the site being more for friends and family.

But not everyone likes it that way. Using Facebook as a tool for media organizations and advertisements is something that a lot of people have not only gotten used to but depend upon to earn their livelihoods, and while Facebook has tried to allay the fears about this revamp, it has admitted to short-term negative effects.

Not just business owners may have immediate problems from this though – the majority of Facebook’s money is made from sponsored posts and advertising, the likes of which won’t be seen nearly as often when the shift occurs. According to analysts, Facebook’s revenue may very well drop at first, but then they added that remaking the site to be more genuine will likely help to maintain people’s trust.

Facebook has said that this remodeling will begin in the coming two or so months.