Facebook Has Golden Globes Pre-Show Streaming Rights

The Golden Globe Awards show is one of the biggest events in show business every year. All of the biggest stars from the movies and TV will gather in one place to be given awards by the Hollywood foreign press. The Golden Globes are usually looked at closely in an attempt to predict the outcome of the Academy Awards in February. The pre-show for the Golden Globes will be streamed live on Facebook this year. This is a change from last year when Twitter had the exclusive streaming rights for the Golden Globes pre-show. It is not clear why the organizers of the Golden Globes decided to make the switch from Twitter to Facebook.

The pre-show for the Golden Globes will be the same format as many other large awards shows. It will give viewers a chance to see all of the stars arrive at the venue. They will be briefly interviewed and asked basic questions about their clothing or their latest project. However, the live stream will be making the most of the technology that is available thanks to Facebook. For example, there will be various 360-degree videos that will be posted both during and after the pre-show. This will allow viewers to see various things that take place behind the scenes of a large awards show. All of this will be available at the official Facebook page for the Golden Globes.

The official Instagram account of the Golden Globes will also be providing real-time content during the festivities. Many people in the media believe that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association chose Facebook over Twitter this year because they will be able to reach many more people. Twitter has roughly 320 million people who use it on a regular basis. However, using both Instagram and Facebook completely changes the game. This is because Facebook is by far the world’s most popular social media network. Instagram is not far behind it.

The Golden Globe Awards will take place on January 7th. The pre-show will take place from 3-5pm Pacific Time. The actual awards show will air later that night on NBC. There has been talk of the Hollywood foreign press entering into a multi-year agreement to stream the Golden Globes pre-show on Facebook. However, that has not been confirmed as of yet. The amount of people who tune in to watch the live stream will have a lot to do with what happens in future years.