Facebook Offers Original Programming Tab

Original content is such a huge thing these days. Companies like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have spent large amounts of money to create original programming in an effort to attract new subscribers. Facebook has now jumped on the original content bandwagon. The social media giant has recently introduced a new tab that will allow users to access original videos that were made specifically for the Facebook platform. Facebook will not be charging a subscription fee to view the original videos. They will be free to all users. The goal is to increase the ad revenue generated by Facebook. The company hopes that people will keep coming back on a regular basis to watch the original content that cannot be seen any other place. It remains to be seen if this strategy will work. Of course, the success will depend on the quality of the content that Facebook introduces.

The videos that will be available on Facebook’s new tab will not be created by them. Various companies that Facebook has partnered with will be creating the content. These companies will be able to retain 55 percent of the ad revenue generated by this new venture. It will be called the “Watch” tab. Facebook has announced that there will be a combination of live and recorded shows that will be available. The companies that produce these shows will have the ability to share them in the regular news feed. This will give them additional promotion and expose the shows to people who might not ever use the Watch tab.

People who are fans of a certain show can subscribe to get updates about when future episodes will be released. Groups for each show will allow fans and the creators to interact with each other. The Watch tab will initially only be available to a small amount of Facebook users in the United States. It will eventually be expanded to the rest of the country. Finally, international users will be able to access the tab. There will be literally hundreds of shows available when the service is launched completely. Facebook has said there will eventually be thousands of shows. They are encouraging creators to submit their ideas for new programming content for the service.

Mark Zuckerberg has stated that the goal is to create communities among the people who are interested in the same shows. The ability to chat during each show will be available.