Facebook’s Video-creating App

Facebook has been trying to drift the interest of video makers from Youtube. To achieve their goal in the most convenient way, Facebook created an app for the video creators. The app entails amazing components that enable users to update stories and send messages to other people who are interested in the video contents that they create.

History of the Video App

For an extended period, Facebook has always availed an app that is used by group managers and had an app for celebrities as well. As a matter of fact, Facebook creator is believed to be just a modification of that app so that it can be able to support the users who are interested in communicating through the videos. That said Facebook creator is just a way of enhancing the Facebook experience so that the convenience can be achieved by the users.

Key Features of Facebook Creator

The new Facebook app has two main features. The first one includes some components that can be used to go live on Facebook. The people using the app will be able to use the intros and the outros. However, the intros are quite handy for it takes some moments before the audience can get the link to watch the video live on Facebook. It is also possible to add some stickers and customs to the live video so that it is appealing to the audience. Additionally, the app can take photos, edit them and post them on Facebook. It is not clear whether that includes Instagram though it really should.

Communications Hub

Communication is one of the key assets of Facebook; the app does allow for close conversations to go on. The app makes it possible by creating a unified inbox where people drop comments so that they can be responded to without the user having to bounce from one app to the other. Though it is convenient, the app does not seem to cater for messages from all vectors from facebook, but it is considered a very good start for there is always room for improvement.

There is the ability to refresh the page so that the users can confirm they have utilized the Facebook’s new app. The app is instantly accessible in Ios but is expected to be available on Android in the next few months. Though the app might sound handy to people who have prior experience with such apps, Facebook is just working hard to ensure that it does provide a convenient platform for aspiring and independent vloggers.