Get Ready for Quantum Computing

A Yale professor known as Robert Schoelkopf is taking things into his own hands regarding computers. He is on a mission of making the first quantum computer. This is a machine that only a few people can think about and it has the capability of handling magical principles that are associated with quantum mechanics. This means that the new computer will have the capability of solving issues that today’s computers can’t. At the same time, three tech giants from America are doing what they do best, they want to use this technology. These companies are Intel, IBM, and Google and they want to use the computer developed by the Yale professor to build a machine that will be helpful in solving the artificial intelligence puzzle. They are not alone in this as there is a Silicon Valley start-up known as Rigettin Computing that’s going after the technology. While the prospects of these companies owning the technology may have passed under the radar, they will have to find an alternative as they have a competitor: Robert Schoelkopf. This comes after the professor helped establish a number of companies. He has joined hands with two more professors from the institution to form a company that has been referred to as Quantum Circuits.

The company is not far away from Yale University as it’s based in New Haven, Connecticut. The company has even received a backing of 18 million dollars from a group of companies that are led by a venture capital firm known as Sequoia Capital. This start-up and others have proved that the concept of quantum computing, which in the past was seen as an impossible task is now possible, edging closer to reality. The professor said that he has been working with a group of professors and together they have learned that they have the capability of building a working system. He further says that in a few years, they will be able to commercialize the technology. He explains that today’s computers only store information as bits. As a result, the transistors which are used for the process can only store either a 1 or a 0. He further says that this is about to change with the introduction of the superposition principle. To cut the long story short, this new technology allows the storage of the two bits at the same time and the same device. A quantum engineer from Microsoft said that the new technology is quite promising.