Google Is Launching Pixel 2 October 4th

Google is Launching a new edition of its Pixel smartphone on October 4th this year. This comes exactly one year after the launch of the original Pixel phone. Similar to the original, this new phone will run on Chrome OS and Android operating systems. The new phone is being called Pixel 2.

Google encourages anyone “thinking about changing phones” to await more details on launch day. You can sign up for email update alerts on the phone’s official landing page.

In Boston, a billboard appeared this week advertising the launch, encouraging consumers to “ask more of your phone”. Speculation has indicated the possibility of the new phone using a Snapdragon 835 processor, be dust and water resistant, have 4GB of ram, and feature unique and innovative ‘squeezable’ pressure-sensitive sides, apparently used for entering user commands. A leak, showing the Pixel running Android Oreo displayed a Samsung Galaxy S8-style always-on display.

A standard and XL edition are reportedly going to be available, just like the first Pixel phone, with the XL featuring additional upgrades over the standard, such as narrower bezels for a sleeker design.

It can be inferred from the Pixel 2’s landing page that the virtual assistant feature of the Pixel 2 will be strongly emphasized with this new release. Additional upgrades indicated in a teaser video on YouTube include voice recognition, camera upgrades, extended battery life, self-updating software and increased speed.

Pixel products have not been limited to smartphones. The Chromebook Pixel originally came out back in 2013, with a second generation edition released March 11, 2015. The 2015 Chromebook Pixel was discontinued August 29, 2016.

The Pixel C, a tablet edition, was launched December 8, 2015. Pixel C ships ineither a 32 or 64 GB edition. Google has not released any information yet about launching similar Pixel 2-modeled tablets and laptops.

The unveiling of this new phone will take place in San Francisco.