How to get profit in Flippa

For those of you who just plunge into the world of flipping site / domain. I think this short tutorial for beginners and medium enough to begin please note; You should be able to pay at least a domain and hosting, approximately $ 20.Once again I always emphasize you, Business Online or offline still a business and like another business you must provide start-up capital. (Exit money to get more money)

I think the actual buying and selling website is a practical way to learn about Internet Marketing, because it involves the buying and selling website: web design, programming, server, content creation, marketing, finding the right products, SEO etc. If you can build and sell a website and benefit, most likely you will be successful in other IM areas.


Depending on the budget / budget there are several ways that you can start to be successful in the world flippa.

1. Beginner – $ 20, buy a domain and hosting hire, use free software to build the site, and use the content Private Label Rights (PLR)
2. Medium – $ 150, buy a domain and hosting ber PageRank, then you outsource everything from the design to the website content.
3. Advance – $ 999.999. buy a ready-made website (established), spruce up a bit and then sell it.
For starters, make sure you install Google Analitycs on every site that you wake up and make sure you can keep track of income detail for this site – whether through adsense, services or anything else.

I personally, if you want to buy a site that has become commonplace, but at a low price to a forum Digital Point (DP), but here I am not going to explain how technical building a website, but generally I use wordpress. You can find video tutorials on Youtube: how to create a website using wordpress.

There are many types of sites that you can sell easily and high prices, here are some tips for you:

Perform keyword research, find niche / niche well, get a good domain name.
Do not be afraid to invest to buy software and learn to use it, after adept offered as services on your website. If at any time you are tired of staying in flippa sell your website.
Writing ebook, buy a domain, and a step that your ebook, do not forget to create a sales letter attractive, selling your website when sales began to decline.
Buy domain with a page rank, add some original content and sell your website (people like websites that have PageRank)

Do not expect a high price for a 3-month-old site down – If you are selling on your DigitalPoint most mendaptkan $ 50- $ 90, while if you are selling on Flippa you may be able to get $ 200- $ 300 but in flippa you have to pay a listing fee.

I would recommend you start at a forum2 like in NamePros, DigitalPoint because in both these forums there is no listing fee and I suggest you use an escrow for all buying and selling website, because it is much safer than using Paypal.