HTC Re – First Camera with a Unique Look


ReIf you like to enjoy and capture the beautiful moments spent with your loved ones then you should definitely check out the innovative camera introduced for the first time by HTC.

In order to capture the beautiful moments, we have to miss the actual event, as we have to live the event through the lens of a smartphone or a camera.  Due to this very reason HTC is presenting a camera which lets you put the smartphone out of the way while you are busy catching the memorable moments.

The HTC Re Camera:

The HTC Re camera resembles a Pixar character. It is Pipe-shaped with no display screen. It is extremely light with a small battery but you can still take photos or make videos for 1.5 hours continuously.  You can easily take around 1000 photos at full resolution (16 megapixels). You can conveniently save the photos or videos in the MICRO SD 8 GB card. The design looks beautiful with just two buttons on the camera. The large silver button at the back lets you shoot the pictures. If you press the same button long enough, it starts to make the video. It can easily capture 146 field of view because of its wide angled lens. HTC Re is extremely user friendly as it turns on when you touch it or press the capture button.

The Eye experience isn’t just limited to new devices either. The original One M8 will be getting Android KitKat very soon and according to reports the Eye Experience comes as standard along with some other tweaks and fixes.


You can change the settings or view the pictures and videos with the help of a companion app. You can easily make the lens wider or narrower with the help of this app. The good thing is that you do not require your camera to capture media. It can connect to your phone with the help of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct.

You can download the Re app or the Zoe app from Google Play. These apps will let you create slide shows or share pictures and videos on your social network. For this purpose you can save your media in the RAW format as well. One good news is that these cameras are not limited for HTC devices only. In fact, they will be available for iOS too in the coming future.

Where to buy it from?

You can purchase the water resistant Re camera from different retailers in October. Whereas, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon will keep it in their stores from November. It will be available for purchase with the price tag of $199. It would be available in four attractive colors.


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