HTC Will be Removed from Top Index Stock Market in Taiwan

The end of this month, HTC will no longer appear in the top index in Taiwan’s stock market (FTSE TWSE) on September 21st, 2015. This news complements the “bad luck” HTC previously reported experiencing financial shocks. In fact, the position of the previous HTC include 50 influential companies in Taiwan and included in the list of top 50 companies in the index in the Taiwan stock market.

Reporting from, while 50 companies were in the top index of Taiwan’s stock market, accounts for about 70% of business in Taiwan, and although HTC will still be listed in the Mid-Cap 100 Index, the position of the stock market is significantly considered less potent ,

With the drop in stock price, HTC’s market value has fallen dramatically. For companies, it is a sign that is sufficient to signal danger and basically make investors more aware that the brand HTC is getting weak.

At this time, HTC still apply cutting production costs and implement cost savings. HTC tried to get up and turn things around them. This HTC crisis was attributed to rumors of the sale of assets of the factory building in Shenzhen to OnePlus.