Instant Pot- The Most Sought After Kitchen Gadget Tech

The new Instant Pot is a big sensation across the country. It is an electric multi-cooker that was created in Canada and is now huge in the United States. While the headquarters of the Instant Pot doesn’t look like a church, the small gray office located in the outskirts of Ottawa has surely been a place where a new religion has been started.

The deity of this church is the Instant pot. They are a line of multi-cookers that have quickly become the source of an internet phenomenon as well as inspiring groups of home cooks and foodies alike. The people devoted to this line of kitchen appliances call themselves “Potheads.” These instant pots can be used for a multitude of cooking techniques. Users can use the Instant Pots to pressure-cook, saute, steam food and even make cheesecake and yogurt in it.

These pots aren’t that fancy, however, and most sell for below $100 online. But it hasn’t made much of a difference in how in-love the cooking industry has fallen for them. The sales of these Instant Pots have only seemed to grow. The creator of these gadgets is Robert Wang. Mr. Wang is the chief executive of the product’s parent company and the sole inventor. The parent company of the Instant Pot is Double Insight. This company is the perfect example of a new-age startup company. It was a homegrown hardware business that started with no more than about 50 employees at first. They didn’t start by raising venture capital funding like many startups and spent virtually no money on advertising. Most of their success was achieved through word-of-mouth online.

The success of the Instant Pot can also be easily attributed to the gigantic power of Amazon. Mr. Wong had originally tried to start his own technology company. His attempts were unsuccessful, however. He then decided to turn all of his attention and time to kitchen appliances. He felt this was a market that hadn’t yet gotten disrupted by the technology industry’s disruption fairies. Mr. Wang rarely had time at home to help his wife cook healthy meals for their two kids. Because of this, he wanted to find a way to make it simpler. He hired a couple other engineers to work alongside over the next 18 months. He invested his $350,000 in savings into developing this kitchen gadget. He wanted a device that could combine slow-cooking, sauteing and pressure-cooking into one single appliance.