A Brief Look into Hardware of iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini 3

ipad-air-2-smallWhen it is Apple, nothing goes unnoticed and nothing is unimportant. Each and every product of Apple is hyped up.  Apple has launched the new models by introducing iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.  We will be looking into iPad Air 2’s hardware and will be analysing what it’s got for us.  Apple has presented many new features in both of its lineup but the hardware is almost the same.

iPad Air 2

The iPad Air 2 is much lighter and thinner than the previous model.  It is 0.96 pounds lighter and 18 percent thinner than the iPad Air.  Although the exterior looks almost the same, Apple has made many changes in its interior.  The color and contrast is much better this time due to its three layer display fused into one.  The iPad Air 2 has the least reflective display found in any tablet available on the market.  Its CPU is forty percent faster than its predecessor due to its 64-bit A8X processor.  The graphic quality has also improved immensely.  It has the same motion chip that is used in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.  Its battery life is still the same as the iPad Air.  Touch fingerprint sensor is the most liked feature of iPhones.  So this time, this feature is available for the iPad Air 2 as well as the iPad Mini 3. There aren’t that many changes to the iPad mini 3, it has almost the same features as its predecessors, however the main difference is the Touch ID option.


Apple’s iPad Air 2 camera has a few improvements.  Its low-light capability of taking pictures has improved with the 8 megapixel iSight camera.  It also offers features like slow motion and burst mode. The iPad Air 2 offers 802.11ac Wi-Fi which has doubled the speed of the wireless connection.  The speed goes up to 866 Mbps.

The Apple iPad Air 2 contains a pre-installed SIM.  The users have the option of choosing any network that they like at home or outside the country.


You can purchase the 16 GB Wi-Fi model of iPad Air 2 for £399.  The 16 GB Wi-Fi model of the iPad mini can be purchased for £319.  The 16 GB Wi-Fi Plus cellular model of iPad Air 2 can be bought for £499.  The Wi-Fi Plus Cellular version of iPad 3 Mini is available for £479.  The 64 GB and 128 GB versions come with a slightly higher price tag.  If you’re an existing iPad user you might want to consider selling your current device to help fund the new one, it’s reported that many iPad users have been selling in droves to do just that.

Author: Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer.  He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog.