Linksys WRT1900AC: Reincarnation The Legendary Router with Sophistication Latest

For those who have long been familiar with the computer world, must have been familiar with the brand Linksys or Linksys WRT54G router. After 11 years had passed, Linksys finally brings reincarnation of the legendary router with the latest features.

With four antennas
Titled WRT1900AC, this router does have the look almost similar to the WRT54G is equipped with four antennas that can be adjusted is located, even removable. As with other 802.11ac router, the router transmits data to the user with three spatial channels.

Antenna Diversity technology brings, WRT1900AC router has a range and a wider signal coverage compared to conventional devices which only has three antennas. That way, users can enjoy the best wireless performance at any angle they are.

Even impressed retro, this router has hardware that is far superior to its predecessor. This can be seen with the dual-core processor 1.3 GHz, 256 MB memory DDRAM, eSATA, and USB ports.

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi
On the software side, there is already a device setup and management Linksys Smart Wi-Fi that gives the user access to a device connected via a browser or a mobile application for managing a home network with ease, such as knowing the connection status of each device, access to people who visit the home, and restrict access to social media sites for children. Users can also access the home network from anywhere through a browser on a PC or a mobile application on iOS and Android-based devices.

To ensure the new product is compatible with open source tools, Linksys cooperate with developers of open source software such as OpenWRT. So that a variety of support related to the firmware will be ongoing.

Feature complete enough
WRT1900AC router can be configured as a range extender or wireless bridge. Several software features that have been added in between support for service No-IP dynamic DNS, Scheduling Wi-Fi, as well as OpenVPN-based VPN into the next firmware update package. That way, users can gain secure remote connections from any interruptions.

Development in terms of features also confirmed by the presence of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi tools most called Network Map interface to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi in the browser. With this tool can know which devices are consuming the greatest bandwidth, how strong the signal is received a device, to see the band that has been connected to the wireless network.