“Low Temperatures Can Affect the iPhone X”

In most cases, the word freeze in technology has a negative meaning. The perception started in the early days of the computer when they used to freeze and became responsive. The term now is referring literary to a problem that the new Apple iPhone X is experiencing. Users reported the problem to Apple. They found out that their phone became unresponsive when the temperatures dropped. The giant tech firm recognized the issue stating that the problem lay in the software that the iPhone X was using. Also, it promised that it is efforts are underway to provide a software update and fix the bug.

According to the company, the phone’s screen will not respond to touch when it experiences a rapid change to cold temperatures. However, the responsiveness will come back after a period that could last for several seconds. It is a small problem, but when a customer pays more than $1,000 for the gadget, they will expect and desire that everything works perfectly.

The firm is hoping that the problem will not affect many of the gadgets that it has sold already. It is because the weather is starting to get cold in most regions in the country. Information from the firm’s website recommends that people should use the device in temperatures which range between 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The operating temperature range is similar to that which Samsung recommends for its mobile devices.

Apart from the freeze problem, Apple identifies other potential problems that could arise when you use the phone in extremely cold temperatures. They say that battery life of the device could go down significantly and in some instances, the device could even go off.
Unfortunately, that is not the only problem that users have reported with the iPhone X. Some owners of the phone posted pictures of a bright green line that was present on the edge of the phone’s display that is OLED. However, Apple has not issued an official statement about this problem.

People have been able to acquire the phone since last Friday. At the end of the first weekend, the phone had sold out in 20 cities. There is high demand for the iPhone X. It is the first iPhone to sell for more than $1,000. The phone’s security relies on Face ID recognition. Also, it lacks a home button, and this differentiates it from the other models.