Matrice 600: DJI Present More Stronger Drone for Professional

Small Drones at this time are to be sufficient for the shooting needs . However, if you must fly a large video camera device, would be required larger and powerful drone. From this idea DJI Matrices 600 appear to be the most powerful drone of DJI.

Targeting the professional segment, DJI Matrices 600 comes with six propeller design anti-dust and easy to clean. For flight control, DJI Matrices 600 is equipped with the latest A3 module into his brain. This module is also modular, which means, the user can upgrade the modules for better accuracy.

DJI Matrices 600 also supported Lightbridge 2 transimission systems that allows users to stream HD video as far as 3 Miles. In addition, these drones have been equipped with legs that can be folded and able to fly cameras weighing up to 13 pounds.

Along with the announcement of DJI Matrices 600, DJI also announced Ronin-MX. 3-axis gimbal device is able to communicate directly with the A3 brain in DJI Matrices 600 to make sure the camera position is maintained. Gimbal is compatible with cameras from Arri, Black Magic, Canon, Panasonic, RED, Sony, and Nikon cameras, and can carry up to 10 pounds load.

Matrice 600

DJI Matrices 600 is priced at US $ 4,600 and dreadlocks Ronin-MX is priced at US $ 1,600. For a set version of Matrices 600 DJI complete with dreadlocks Ronin-MX price is US $ 6,000.