More Than 175 Billion Apps Downloaded in 2017, Report Finds

Nearly 175 billion apps were downloaded last year, according to a report out this week from app data marketing firm App Annie and reported in the online technology website Tech Crunch.

According to the report, app makers grew their bottom line by nearly $86 billion during 2017. That includes sales from the iOS App Store, Google Play and third-party Android stores. This number is largely due to an increase in emerging markets like China, Russia, India and Brazil, the report notes. In fact, India now surpasses the United States in terms of number of downloads: India came in number two, while the U.S. came in third place.

Still, the U.S. exceeds India in the number of users who made app purchases. Using that metric, the U.S. was placed at the second highest spot, where it increased by 75 percent over the previous year’s numbers. China came in at number one for total gross consumer spend with a 270 percent increase from 2016.

In nearly all countries, certain app categories fared better than others. Apps in the finance, retail and video streaming categories all did exceptionally well. Ride-sharing apps, gaming apps and social media apps also remained fairly popular.

On average, U.S. consumers downloaded approximately three apps per month, according to the study. Of those, nearly 70 percent reported downloading at least one app per month. And that’s not all. The App Annie report found that the average smartphone user has at least 80 apps on their phone. Of those, they use nearly 40 at least once a month.

The App Annie data comes on the heels of another report from comScore, also an app data marketing firm. The comScore findings in some ways stand in stark contrast to App Annie’s. According to the comScore report, the majority of American users are not downloading many new apps during the period of a month. Both reports agree, however, that apps still dominate American consumers’ electronic habits.

It should also be noted that the App Annie data on annual downloads is different from some other previously reported statistics. Sensor Tower, another app marketing firm, recently noted that 91.5 billion downloads occurred in 2017, compared to App Annie’s determination of 175 billion. The difference, Tech Crunch notes, is in how the two firms counted their data. Sensor Tower measured only iOS App Store and Google Play numbers, while App Annie included third-party app stores as well