Musk Using New Technology to Expand Hyperloop Concept

Elon Musk has been one of the most important inventors and businessmen over the past twenty years. He initially gained fame and fortune for developing and selling Paypal, which is the most popular online payment system. Since then, Musk has created the first mainstream electric car in Tesla and is also heavily involved in space exploration through his SpaceX program. Musk is now also focused on developing a new train system that could connect people more conveniently than ever before (

Musk is the leading mind and money behind the new Hyperloop concept. The Hyperloop is a new high-speed train that will be faster, safer, and more efficient than any train in the world today. Some have stated that the train will have the ability to travel up to 700 miles per hour, which could allow travel between cities faster than ever before. Thus far, the Hyperloop is still in the very beginning of the development phase. While they are still working on a way to bring it to the mainstream, Musk has stated his desire to have a train run from Los Angeles to San Francisco. This could theoretically be done in one hour or less.

While the first train will likely take place in California, he is also looking for other places to introduce the new technology. One place where this could take place is on the East Coast. In an attempt to reduce the travel burden between major cities, Musk is looking for approval to build a train between New York and Washington DC. While the concept is still being planned and developed, he stated that he has received verbal approval. The initial plan would all for several stops along the way in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

The development of the train system will require an underground tunnel system. Musk has created his own tunnel digging company, which he has called The Boring Company. This company has the ability to dig faster and more safely than any other digging system.

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